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Inverness Music Festival  
Stewards Duties


The following is a short outline of each of the steward's duties. A more comprehensive description is given to anyone interested in helping.

Adjudicators Clerk

This steward is the adjudicator's right hand man. The clerk is responsible for ensuring that the adjudicator has all the correct paperwork for each competition and is the official record keeper. This duty is only given to stewards who have a few years previous knowledge of other duties in the festival.

Certificate Clerk

Most of the performers will be awarded a certificate and to reduce the pressure on the adudicators clerk a certificate clerk is used at each competition. The duty involves writing the standard achieved on to each pre-printed certificate awarded. This is a duty usually given to new stewards.

Reception Clerk

All stewards must sign an attendance register and all officials must wear badges. It is the Reception Clerk's duty to ensure this is done. This steward can assist with the delivery of trophies to the performance venues and associated paperwork, also relieve other stewards for comfort breaks or replace stewards who have not turned up or have to leave early. They are also responsible for maintaining the fire safety register in the event of an alarm. This duty should only be given to experienced stewards.

Registration Clerk

All performers register on arrival. The registration clerk ensures that all performers have arrived and are ready to perform. This is also one of the duties given to new volunteers.

Session Chairman

This duty is offered to experienced festival stewards who must be comfortable with public speaking as the role of Session Chairman involves addressing the audience. The Session Chairman is in overall charge of the competition.


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